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"The Limberlost" was a 13,000-acre swampland and thick forest area in northern Indiana extending into western Ohio and southern Michigan.  It was originally known as the “Great Black Swamp” and was considered difficult if not impossible to navigate.  When Ohio and the then-territory of Michigan mustered their respective militias to battle over the Toledo Strip in the 1830s neither militia could navigate the swamp and find the opposing force. No battle ever occurred.

A number of people entered the Great Black Swamp area and never returned including a popular woodsman and guide named James “Limber Jim” Corbus.  When word spread about Limber Jim being among the missing, the saying, “Limber’s Lost” was coined and shortened. 

At Limberlost Consulting we recognize that it is easy to get become lost in the quagmire and minutia that accompany governance, chapter management, accountability and operational aspects of fraternity and sorority life. We’ll help you navigate the terrain and keep you on the trail to success.


David Westol


David Westol is the founder, owner, and CEO of Limberlost Consulting. An alumnus of Michigan State University and the Detroit College of Law, he has an extensive and impressive background in fraternity/sorority life and specializes in risk and crisis prevention/management and interventions. He is a former assistant prosecutor with significant jury trial experience. He has served in many leadership roles at the executive level of fraternal organizations and professional organizations. He has made more than 6,000 presentations regarding hazing, risk management, motivation, values, ideals, and leadership on over 510 campuses and at over 370 national men’s and women’s fraternity and sorority events and regional interfraternal conferences such as AFLV, NGLA and SEIFC. He has over thirty national fraternities and sororities as clients for services including:

  • Onboarding and Orientation for New Officers

  • Investigations and Membership Reviews

  • Governance and Governing Document Review

  • Risk Mitigation/Management

  • Intervention Procedures


Dave specializes in chapter membership reviews – sometimes called reorganizations–and he has participated in or overseen over 130 including more than 70 as a consultant since 2007.  A membership review involves interviewing every member and associate/new member with an outcome of removing those who will not support change, improving the chapter and eliminating negative behaviors such as hazing.

Dave has been recognized on more than two dozen occasions for his inter-fraternal work.


For a comprehensive list of Dave’s recognition and accomplishments, CLICK HERE.

For a list of Dave's numerous awards, CLICK HERE

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