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This is just a sampling of the testimonials, comments and feedback David has received from clients, leaders, students, and participants...

Thanks again for your presentation to the United Greek Council tonight! Would I be able to get a copy of your powerpoint slides for future reference and for those who were unable to attend? I loved learning about the racial issues in Greek Life and how that translated to today. It was fascinating. Thank you! - Undergraduate at a campus presentation for Multi-Cultural and NPHC organizations

From a presentation regarding hazing investigations at the Association of Fraternity & Sorority Advisors 2018 Annual Meeting:

  • Very engaging and energizing.

  • Dave Westol ‐ legendary!

  • It was a fun, engaging presentation.

  • Straight forward, to the point, realistic, critical lens, easily digestible.

  • Fluid, fast, engaging.

  • Dave is Dave. Everyone knows his delivery is great and engaging.

  • Wonderful, Dave is so passionate about the topic and truly helps you understand.

  • Very engaging.

  • Loved the anecdotes.

  • So thankful! This program was very needed.

  • Appreciated the care studies.

  • Engaging & dynamic!

  • Timeless information from a seasoned professional. Thanks, Dave, for your continuing efforts.

  • Full of content. Very good!

I can’t thank you again for all that you have done for our community. The students love you and our community gets better each time the students work with you. There is no way we could have made the changes we did without your leadership and guidance. – Campus Official

Just wanted to send a quick thanks for your talks over the past couple days at our campus. I currently don't hold an executive position in the house but I do hold positions that mean a lot to me and those could vanish if we make an ill-fated mistake. Your talk was something that I think (my fraternity) will benefit greatly from and will hopefully inspire more care towards our house, it's practices, and the values of our fraternity.  - Student

Thanks for the visit and for doing what you do - it makes a difference. – Student

Comments from a presentation entitled, “Black, White, Frat” that I present at various conferences.  The presentation provides a historical background for the exclusionary practices of some national organizations as well as the development of NPHC and MGC organizations:

  • I saw your presentation at AFLV and I loved it. - Student

  • I am a first year graduate student in the Student Affairs in Higher Education program at (a university in the Midwest). I also serve as a fraternity advisor. During AFLV, I attended your session, "Black, White, Frat." I found the information extremely interesting and think it will be useful in my studies, but I wasn't able to catch everything due to the time constraint. Would you be willing to send me your slides for personal use? - Student

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Field Staff Conference (sponsored by the Fraternity Executives Association) on reading the chapters we visit and I learned a lot! I would sincerely appreciate it if you would be willing to send me the slideshow that you used for the presentation. I hope this finds you well. Thank you! - Women's National Fraternity Consultant

I heard some very impressive comments about you and the team.    Alumni were very impressed.  The chapter had a rough few weeks after the review, but it looks like the work we put in there is paying off nicely. Thanks again for all of your help while we were out there. - National Fraternity Executive Director


More than anything, I appreciated what a cohesive presentation it was! (Naturally, I had no doubt!) However, we had gone back and forth so many times because of all the changes that kept happening on my end, so I know that we had originally mapped out a very different workshop that what you were able to deliver. – Administrative Staff Member, Women’s National Organization 


Great seeing you here in Indianapolis. Really appreciated your participation in our discussion session yesterday afternoon. – Men’s National Fraternity Volunteer


Great speaker! Dave Westol is a treasure.

Loved the crowd involvement so smart and funny!

I feel more prepared and I have a lot to bring back to my University.

Helpful information but on a larger scale than applies to my chapter. Great amount of interaction.  

Super informative and engaging. One of my favorite speakers at the conference.

Captivating - wish we had more time. 


Feedback from an AFLV presentation regarding motivation:


  • Great presentation lots of perspective.

  • Taking this information back to my chapter!

  • My chapter has issues with their motivation. The speaker gave me some great suggestions to see why and help me make others realize the issues.

  • Again, lots of good tips that I believe could open up (others) in my fraternity. Fantastic!

  • Mr. Westol was a fantastic presenter! He spoke to many of the issues facing my chapter. Thank you.


Your message was incredibly helpful and easy to comprehend, and I’d love to have it to reference for when I have those conversations with my students. – Campus Advisor


Just wanted to thank you for the good job you did with our local group yesterday.  I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the positive message you delivered to the guys. - Campus Chapter Advisor

The feedback we have received has been very positive and a lot of the chapters would like for you to return during November/December so incoming and outgoing ECs can meet with you together.  I think it’s a smart plan. – Campus Professional

We’ll be looking for a similar program to last year. I’d love to see the focus to continue to be on building their motivational interviewing skills and asking direct but open questions. Otherwise I think this year’s consultants all found your training last year to be helpful. – National Fraternity Staff Member

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