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This is a partial list of the popular services we offer. If you are looking for a specific topic that is not listed below, please reach out to David so that he can customize a presentation to meet your needs.

Membership Reviews

Intended Audience:  National organizations, Alumni/Alumnae Corporations or advisory groups


Dave can coach, advise and guide you through the membership review process or take the role of a player/coach and participate in the interviews, too.  He can provide a 25-page outline of the process including a list of over 80 questions to use during interviews.  He has over 20 experienced interviewers that he can contact to form a team if you would prefer that Dave lead the Review.

His participation can include:

  • Logistical advice such as estimating the number of interviewers needed and developing a schedule of interviews. 

  • Facilitating a pre-review training session for staff and/or alums.

  • Facilitating the pre-M/R meeting with undergraduates or assisting the staff or volunteer who facilitates that meeting. 

  • Facilitating the decision process after the interviews have been completed. 

  • Training on topics and areas of focus including practical tips to encourage candor and honesty during the interviews, taking notes, allowing facts to surface, asking good follow-up questions, and maintaining perspective during a difficult process.  Dave can provide sample forms for the undergraduates to complete and comment as well as decision forms.



Intended audience:  National organizations, colleges and universities


Dave has conducted over 100 investigations at the chapter level.  Over 50 of those have occurred since he started Limberlost Consulting.  Typically, these involve individual interviews of members and new members followed by preparation of a report with findings and recommendations.  Many of the investigations involved hazing; other investigations have involved reports of sexual assault, inappropriate behavior or a fall from an elevated point of a chapter house.


Expert Witness

Intended audience:  National organizations & Local Chapters

David Westol has served as an expert witness in 17 cases since 2009.  Most have involved national men’s and women’s fraternities and sororities.  His areas of expertise include but are not limited to the relationship between a national organization and a local chapter, risk management/health and safety and the standard of care expected from a Greek letter organization.


Consultant/Staff/Volunteer Education: Facilitation and Case Studies

Intended Audience:  National Organizations, Volunteers at all levels

Dave currently works with seven national women’s and men’s fraternities and sororities to provide facilitated case study discussions during consultant education as well as sharing thirty years of experience in working with chapters—identifying negative dynamics, encouraging chapters to improve, confronting chapters that are unwilling to change and assisting chapters that are struggling with recruitment and related concerns.  He will adopt and adapt any fact situation that you provide or create case studies.


Things that Dave can bring to your educational process for staff, consultants and volunteers include:

  • Case study evaluation and discussion that includes asking the right questions.

  • “Owning the room”: Facilitating with enthusiasm for any group

  • 20 Unorthodox ways to evaluate a chapter

  • Getting to the key issues in a group, chapter or team

  • Finding a way: Helping a group develop its goals and a plan



Presentations and Facilitated Discussions


These are some of the other topics that Dave can address with your organization

  • Onboarding New Officers

  • Orientation for Boards

  • Governance and Governing Document Review

  • Risk Mitigation/Management

  • Crisis Management

  • National Operations Evaluation: An assessment of who does what, and when, and why

  • Hazing: “47 Ways to Detect Hazing” + Changing the Hazing Philosophy

  • Motivation

  • Values & Ideals

  • Leadership

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